Seedling Program (Scarborough)

Founded in 1987, the Seedling Program is an innovative community support program located in Scarborough Maine. The program staff consists of a Greenhouse Director, a Center Leader, and direct support professionals. All program staff are DSP certified.

The program consists of four components: Greenhouse Production, Community Integration, Arts, and Life Skills Enrichment. Program participants contribute to activity planning during weekly group meetings.

In the Greenhouse, individuals receive instruction and supervision in all aspects of basic horticultural techniques. They also assist the general public in selecting and purchasing plants. The Greenhouse is open to the public year round.

Community integration is a significant part of the program. This provides the opportunity for growth through volunteerism, life skill development, recreation, and exploration of the surrounding community.

The arts program offers program participants creative expression through group and individual projects. With the help of volunteers and our staff individuals create saleable items using a wide variety of mediums.

The fourth component, Life skills enrichment, focuses on promoting independence with activities of daily living and functional living skills, including cooking, budgeting and money skills, and communication.

This program is designed to enhance, enrich and gainfully occupy the daily routine of adults who experience multiple handicaps ranging from moderate to severe. Each individual is provided with as much support as needed by Direct Support Professional staff in the areas of personal care, feeding, activities of daily living, community integration and program activities. The program addresses social, emotional and physical development as well as learning and problem solving in all areas of adult daily life. Activities stress individual choice, independence, and involvement in social activities. The program encourages peer and staff interaction, and functional communication. Physical development is included throughout the day in the form of daily exercise, range of motion activities and specifically designed fine and gross motor activities.

The program is staffed with 1 direct care staff to 3 client ratio. They are comprised of a Center Leader and a Director of the Greenhouse operations and 4 direct support professionals. Each of the staff have their DSP, CRMA, First Aid/CPR, as well as other specialized training dependent upon individual need.